Ex Pella S. Luciae V.M.
The History of the Santa Lucia Festival and Omaha's Little Italy
January 4, 2012 by Mike DiGiacomo

Save The Date

We’re excited to soon share with you a beautiful event, to again bring together the Omaha Italian community. Save the date for February 26th. This is a can’t miss event. Details are on our upcoming events page!

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One Response to “Save The Date”

  1. Jeri Todero Connor says:

    I marched in the parade every year with my nanna Rose Piccolo Todero. My nanu Joseph Todero played the slide trombone with the Vincent Emmanuel band , and he marched every year also. I have a picture of me in my white dress in the parade. There is a picture of my nanu with the band hanging the Valentino’s Restaurant in northwest Omaha.
    By the way, I am 73 years old now. I am a direct relative of the founder of Piccolo Pete’s Restaurant, My brother has nanu’s slide trombone .

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