Ex Pella S. Luciae V.M.
The History of the Santa Lucia Festival and Omaha's Little Italy
June 2, 2012 by Mike DiGiacomo

Completion Date – UPDATE

This project has grown into something very compelling, and larger than any of us ever expected. We have attained the services of Curtis Grubb, a local sound engineer, to complete all the audio mixing and soundtrack. As we continue to write the documentary, it became apparent that we would not meet our expected launch date of June 2012. We have now pushed back the date of the documentary completion to Summer 2013. Thanks for all your support and excitement over its release!

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6 Responses to “Completion Date – UPDATE”

  1. Theresa Finocchiaro Liguzinski says:

    I have an heirloom from the earliest Santa Lucia Parades in Omaha including a photo of it in the parade if you are interested in it. I can email you a photo if interested.

    Theresa 331-826-9085

  2. Jeri Todero Connor says:

    My Nanu Joseph Todero played the slide trombone with the Vincent Emanuel Band. They marched in the parade for a number of years in the 30′s & 40′s. I used to march with my Nana Rose Todero. I have a photo of me in my long white dress if you would like to have a copy. Fond memories.

  3. Cynthia "Tia" Dorsey says:

    I am so proud of all the work and love that has been poured into this beautiful documentary. My family did not live in Omaha but, the love and family values that my Nonna and Nonno Guzzo instilled in us when we were children gave me such a sense of pride of my Italian Heritage. Thank you for welcoming me and my family into your family here. I am very pleased to know that I share my heritage with such a wonderful, warm, devoted group of people who love and support our families, neighbors and our Church. God Bless You for this gift!!

    • Suzan says:

      i dont undestand why do you save the words to excel its 5 times festar to just copy those words and paste´╗┐ it BTW thnx for the video it was helpfull

    • Richard says:

      It looks to me that this website doenst load in a Motorola Droid. Are other people having the exact same problem? I like this web site and dont want to have to miss it whenever Im gone from my computer.

    • Romaine says:

      Wow, I think you will be a great OB. It seems like you have a real love for children, fiielams, and people in general. Sad to say that those qualities are rare traits in todays world. I believe not just anyone should be in just any job because you could be in a job that you hate and end up making everyone who comes in contact with you at work miserable. You have the joy and care to be great at your job and effect those you will be working around not only by your knowledge , but by your love for what you do.

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