Ex Pella S. Luciae V.M.
The History of the Santa Lucia Festival and Omaha's Little Italy
June 2, 2012 by Mike DiGiacomo

Omaha World Herald Article

Carol Bicak of the Omaha World Herald did a very nice job in her June 2nd Article. Click Here to read it.

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4 Responses to “Omaha World Herald Article”

  1. Victor says:

    First, let’s deal with where you are wrong: FACTS does not defend sex ofendnifg. Got it? FACTS does not defend sex ofendnifg. FACTS exists in part because public websites listing former sex offenders do not protect the public and they expose former offenders and their families to harm. This despite the fact that former sex-offender reoffense rates are down in the single digits. If phony politicians really wanted to do something effective to protect our communities, they would pay attention to the statistics and enact laws that actually do some good (beyond concerns about re-election).The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office pulls a publicity stunt every year on Halloween calling the news media and touting a sex offender patrol. That is despite the fact that there is no record of anyone in Douglas County ever harmed by a registrant on Halloween. FACTS calls that a waste of law enforcement resources. One point of the post is to show that people very well could be at higher risk from a Douglas County deputy in a park than from some registrant who just wants to rebuild his life.FACTS does not defend sex ofendnifg or any kind of ofendnifg, including political malpractice.In Nebraska, we have two state senators who got behind the wheel and drove their cars while drunk. (Two who were caught). Do you have any idea how many people are killed and injured by drunken drivers? Many, many, many more than by former sex offenders. Yet when a politician or a law enforcement officer offends, it is called an error in judgment. And the Nebraska Legislature continues to try to do ridiculous stuff like banning former offenders from living near parks. We thought that the fact that the incident described in the news story allegedly took place in a park was, well, ironic to say the least.Finally, all of FACTS’ resources are available to anyone who takes responsibility for his/her offense, wants to be permitted to resume a useful life and abides by the law. FACTS wants truly safe communities, and we believe the right to safety extends to people who have paid for their crimes, returned to their communities and want to rebuild their lives. Unfortunately in Nebraska, because of our politicians, no former offender can feel safe in his/her own home. Tragically, that is true for spouses and children of former offenders.

  2. Kiyoko says:

    Heaven forbid we shluod use our restraint and will power nah, it’s easier to let the gov’t enable us make our decisions for us and pretty much make us a hapless population. I know McDonald’s is bad for me, that’s what I dig about it. This is just like the cigarette smokers who blamed the tabacco companies for their lung cancer. Anyone who doesn’t know that sucking smoke into your lungs is bad for you is lying through the hole in their trachea. Just as ingesting pure lard is going to have an adverse effect on your cholestrol, heart functions, blood pressure, etc. We are a nation of panises an wimps.

  3. Abdulaziz says:

    Here is an idea for the activists attntpmieg to remove the toy from my child’s happy meal:Install a big scale in the middle of fast food restraunt dinning rooms. When a child wants a happy meal they get to go stand on the scale. If their weight falls within a healthy BMI measurement they get a toy. If not, no toy. This would not only motivate heavier children to lose weight, but also reward the skinny little ones. (A BMI that is below recommended weight = all can eat french fries) Sure, a few kids would cry, but isn’t that better than punishing all children.

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