Ex Pella S. Luciae V.M.
The History of the Santa Lucia Festival and Omaha's Little Italy
November 26, 2012 by Mike DiGiacomo

Narrator Chosen

With 95% of the photography completed, the documentary is now being written by our talented writer Carrie Chambers. With the help of videographer Peter Soby, and much of the historical research completed by PJ Asta, Carrie has completed about 35% of the documentary.

As we navigate through this stage, it won’t be long before those words on paper get converted to a voice on screen. The documentary committee is honored that Mauro Fiore has graciously agreed to lend his voice to this project.

Mauro Fiore is an Oscar winning Cinematographer.  He was born in Marzi, Calabria and moved to the US with his family in 1971.He attended Palatine High School in Palatine, Illinois, and graduated in 1982. He went on to receive his B.A. from Columbia College Chicago in 1987.He is most notable for his work in the 2009 film Avatar for which he won the Academy Award for Best Cinematography at the 82nd Academy Awards.

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